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FTP Media &​ Productions

1. Our first step is to learn as much as we can about your business and find what gives you the competitive edge in your marketplace. We need to understand the exact message your business wishes to convey, as well as the services or products you have to offer. Once this message is clear, we can effectively evaluate the competition and decide a specific course of action. 


Target Key social channels

Create Content

Build relevancy in key target markets

execute & evaluate


Focus on beneficial actions, not distractions- ES


2. Seems like every day a new social platform is being created. It is our job to filter out what is useless and focus on the routes that are advantageous and geared towards the success of your business. Once we have targeted the key social communities and platforms, we then create a dominant presence in those particular media streams. 

Social Channels

Remind yourself. Nobody’s built like you, you design yourself.-Jay


3. In marketing content is king. Hands down, the best-proven way to market to consumers is through videography. Our videography experts are visionaries who continuously defy the status quo. Their main objective is to put your purpose and passion on display for the world to see. This stage is where our marketing experts partner with our production team to create, design, and inspire strategic marketing content that leaves your consumers and your competition begging for more.

Create Content

We’re not here to take part we’re here to take over-Mcgreggor


4. The days of slinging stuff and hoping something sticks will instantly be obsolete the second you choose to work with us. Why? 

Because we only market to consumers interested in your products or services. We do this by flooding hand selected social streams with content aimed directly at interested consumers. Targeting your consumer's key interests allows us to make a dominant, relevant presence in your marketplace.

Build Relevancy

Anything worth doing is worth evaluating- Andy Stanley


5. We believe anything worth doing is worth evaluating. So our team is dedicated to providing monthly data analysis reports that allow us to research potential trends, examine the effects of certain decisions or events, and provide your business with detailed step by step performance evaluations. 

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