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FTP Media & Productions

About Us


In 2017 nothing had changed, in fact, things were getting worse even by the hour. Every morning hard-working Americans were waking up from their sweet dreams, rolling out of their comfy beds reaching for their beloved screens to consume the days latest content. Just as the screens began to load, and their smiles began to rise boom!!!!!!
Each of them is interrupted by another Addhole. Yep, we said it Addhole and none of us like Add holes, not even a little bit.  I mean sure some of these Addholes could possibly mean well, but none of them are ever properly placed, and honestly, we’ve all grown to hate them. Recent studies show these Addholes are spending billions of dollars a year trying to interrupt us as often as they possibly can. Never stopping to value us as individuals, or take the time to find out the type of ads consumers actually want to see. No, to these add holes were just another number, a piece of the pie graph on their performance evaluation screen. Sadly, we as a collective had become the revenue stream of the Addholes marketing machine. It wasn’t until the deepest state of our turmoil when all seemed lost and that we would never have a chance, in stepped Tim...











Tim became the silver lining in a sky full of grey. He was the ray of sunshine that emerged from the masses, not to settle for marketing classes, that created Addholes. No Tim was striving for something more. Why? Because Tim had a dream, and that dream was that one day we all would all have the ability to consume content that mattered to us free from the interruption of Addholes. He knew that if he showed the world how to create quality ads, that it would never be the same again. Now Tim wasn’t ignorant, he knew these outdated marketing wanna be gurus would never choose to stop creating Addholes, but that if he created a call to action, that we could stop the Addholes once and for all. 

Tim knew that moment he could never take on all these Addholes by himself, so he began scouring the globe day and night for the most extraordinary talent he could find. Tim then hand selected greatest team members the world had to offer. His theory was that if he could combine this team with his passions for movies and marketing, that great ads could be created that consumers would actually want to see. After two years of trial, an error Tim and his team managed to master the craft of combining major motion picture and marketing, to make ads people actually want to see. With this revolutionary strategy, Tim knew that we could save the world's economy by helping all business make money by creating good ads, finally ridding the world of all these other Addholes. Tim knew he had accomplished what he came to do, so at the pinnacle of success, Tim decided to hand the reigns over to His team. Tim believed the sum of his team was greater than each as an individual, and that if he stayed, he risked the possibility of becoming the Addhole he wished to destroy. So with a twinkle in his eye and a gentle goodbye, Tim left to never be seen again. As the CEO of FTP Media & Productions, I would like to say it is our team's great honor to help every business great or small reach the levels of success they aspire to achieve. So if you're tired of paying Addholes to market your company, call us, we are the one stop shop for all of your marketing needs.

The Team

The People of FTP

Elias Strategos

Founder & CEO

jordan .jpg
Jordan Eley 

Creative Development

Bridget Copeland

Director of Sales

Sean Wiese 

Lighting Technician

Evan McCliment 

Post Production Supervisor

Gerard Carmichael


Deavon Bacon

Second Assistant Camera

Sharon Page

Department of Sales 

Michael Estes

Camera Operator

Galen Kydd

Video Playback 

Katelyn Studer

Unit Production Manager 

Nina Lagutina

1st Assistant Director 

IMG_1150 (1).jpg
Ashley Skelly

Makeup Artist 

Adam Brantz 

Art Director 

Jennifer Chandler

Props Manager 

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